Saturday, March 23, 2019

AAZK Saving Frogs

Project Golden Frog
Today, the Seneca Park Zoo is proud to announce our AAZK chapter has made a donation of $500 to "Project Golden Frog" in support of the El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center (EVACC) project in El Valle, Panama.
In addition to these funds, we currently have two staff on the ground in Panama helping to build a new facility for Panamanian Golden Frog conservation.
Asst. Curator John Adamski and Zookeeper Alyssa Dugan are working alongside members from Maryland Zoo, Zoo Atlanta, and Fort Worth Zoo to help the center prepare to move a large number of frogs safely to a new habitat for future propagation and release.
They promise to take lots of great photos while in Panama so stay tuned to our page for more on their adventure!
Your support of the Seneca Park Zoo AAZK Chapter makes these donations possible... Thank You!
And don't forget to join us at the zoo on March 31 for "Save the frogs day"