Thursday, May 16, 2019

Bella Update

Bella and her mother Kumang
For those of you that don't know, Bella the Orangutan was born here at the Seneca Park Zoo 6 years ago. Bella and her mother Kumang recently moved to Zoo Miami, to allow for the demolition and reconstruction of a new tropical/primate facility.
When Bella was an infant she suffered a jaw injury that required surgery and will require constant monitoring, at her new home.
Keepers, at Zoo Miami, have now trained Bella to allow jaw X-Rays to be taken right at her exhibit. This is much less stressful for Bella and will allow for more X-Rays to be taken. Unfortunately, Zoo Miami does not have a portable dental X-Ray machine.
On Bella's 6th Birthday they started a fundraiser to raise funds to purchase a machine.
The Seneca Park Zoo AAZK Chapter is happy to announce that we have made a donation to this cause and we are encouraging all our followers, members and guests to do the same if you can. Below is a link to their donation page.
Feel free to post any comments about Bella below and by all means, let us know if you made a donation.